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A Letter from The Founder

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

“The more clearly we can focus our attention on the wonders and realities of the universe about us, the less taste we shall have for destruction.” ― Rachel Carson

I am a person who loves wilderness. The magnanimity of mountains, the vastness of oceans, the mysteriousness of forests, and the grandness of skies have always been a source of energy and inspiration to me. Though a significant part of my growing years weren't anywhere near wilderness, now that I look back on it, it was always there within me. Rather it is the guiding light within me which is why I instantly grabbed every opportunity that came my way that took me closer to wilderness. One such opportunity was to pursue ecology and environment as an academic subject, which gave me a small window to explore the natural world in a systematic, rather legitimate manner. Other was to take up assignments that helped me expedite an immersion in rural hinterlands of Odisha, Gujarat, Karnataka and 3+ years of natural farming in Himachal Pradesh.

Seeds and Deeds is an outcome of all the short and long term learning experiences I have had, ranging from exploring the worldly concepts of development, education, politics, economy and societal constructs to the ecological concepts of biodiversity, health, wellbeing, geography, and growing food, to diving deep into the world within. It originates from a personal desire to seek truth and wisdom of both the inner world and the outer. Seeds and Deeds is an effort towards creating a platform that adds to the ongoing quest to maintain the ecological balance by gaining the right knowledge and looking in the direction that leads us to regeneration rather than falling prey to the popular notion of growth and development which is unsustainable.

The duality of the world we live in is one of the major reasons why platforms like Seeds and Deeds will create value. The popular narrative of development is where advancement of a society or individual is determined by their dependency on a formal institution for fulfilment of one’s basic needs like food, education, livelihood and healthcare. The sophistication of material wealth and commodities individuals are bestowed with, so on and so forth. It is in such a system everyone is schooled to eat, dress, behave, talk and think in a certain manner. A manner that is based on degenerative uniformity and hence kills diversity.

This has gained dominance by the ginormous number of people who are adapting it without thinking critically, by tapping into our primal instincts and desires, by penetrating through the societal fault lines and by stifling the voices and opinions of the side critiquing it. Providing us all the 'comfort and convenience' and deactivating our brains in the process.

The pleasure of being in the comfortness is such a shackle that it stops one from being rational and thinking critically. It has been rightly said 'ignorance is bliss', and a guarantee towards a short term contentment rather, instant gratification. However, there are other things that are more blissful, like good health, liberation (from self-made shackles), nutritious food, pristine air and pure water, and above all wilderness. All this has been bestowed upon us by Mother Nature. Yet, in current times we need to fight for its access for ourselves and the generations yet to come. That's what our ancestors thought and did. As rightly said by David Attenborough - The question is, are we happy to suppose that our grandchildren may never be able to see an elephant except in a picture book?

‘Here’s a few thought provoking questions to ask yourself’:

Do I have any planetary responsibilities or am I just a passenger on this planet?

What actions of mine contribute to oppression of other sentient beings?

Who is paying my prices, when I get discounts?

What happens to the waste that I generate and throw away everyday?

Where does this waste go?

What is my relationship with my body and my surroundings?

How often do I listen to or ignore my inner voice?

Am I a protectionist saving nature or am I a part of this nature?

It is relationships that connect all the elements on this planet and provide each of us with a meaning for our existence. Understanding these interwoven connections provides us clarity on our rights and roles in this ecosystem. While lack of understanding leads to inequality and injustice at a personal, social and planetary level. Therefore, the crises range from the one spiritually to economically to ecologically and everything in between. It is in these trivial times that the best or the worst comes out.

Through Seeds and Deeds, our attempt is to address each of these issues in a rational, holistic and a regenerative manner. We endeavour to ensure well researched and thought provoking educational programs. Through our learning journeys, rural immersions, workshops and sessions we are striving to bring the best out of the crisis. We strive to restore and reform the world outside and inside oneself.

It is in this spirit we invite individuals and organizations who share the mission of fostering ecologically conscious individuals willing to establish their connection with nature, willing to objectively investigate the current ecological imbalances, and explore alternative models to regenerative development at a personal, social and planetary level - to collaborate with us.

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