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The world we live in is brutal on one hand, and wonderful on the other. Our journey is about understanding those conflicting realities and making informed decisions to strike the right balance between ourselves and our world.


More than an organisation, Seeds and Deeds is a an embodiment of our guiding values and principles. We are dedicated to bringing to the surface the flawed model of development and backward modernity which is leading to the ecological crises we are confronted with today,  bringing to consciousness the disconnect with our natural world and our collective ignorance towards it, and bringing to the cognisance the amount of ecological damage taking place at this very moment as you read this.

To better describe what we do, here's a poem​​:

We are sowing the seeds of consciousness by listening to our inner wisdom that is a culmination of years of evolution.

We are sowing the seeds of liberation by freeing the self from the shackles of misinformation and ignorance.

We are sowing the seeds of courage by cultivating the ability to ask questions that matter.

We are sowing the seeds of togetherness and symbiosis by building a community of educated and empowered human beings.


We are doing the deeds of nurturing our true selves by stepping out of our comfort zones.

We are doing deeds of reconciliation by calling out loud the misdeeds of our own species towards the ecosystem.

We are doing the deeds of striking ecological balance by adopting the right lifestyle practices.

We are doing the deeds of advocating for a healthier world by being a seeker of naturally sustainable alternatives.

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